Delivery of goods ordered online is a major problem

One of the reasons why people think twice about ordering items online is because there is no guarantee that they will be delivered as promised. While the larger websites like Flipkart, Amazon usually will deliver, for other websites the online buyer is largely taking a risk making a credit card payment.
For example payment was made to emmindia for subscribing to the Home and Garden magazine in January 2017, till date no copy of the magazine has been delivered till date, The subscriber has also sent repeated emails to the magazine, no one is replying.
The online buyer has to be wait for delivery of the items ordered at home or office, which is very inconvenient for a person with a busy schedule , who may have to go to the bank or go shopping. If the items are delivered by courier, the recipient has to be at home, and unless the courier is making a phone call, the item may not be received.
Amazon has some pickup points, however they are asking for identity proof, not suitable for a business account.