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Hacking of electronic gadgets using wifi network makes purchase risky

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To cover up their sex, cheating, impersonation fraud, ntro, intelligence agencies are openly abusing their powers, expensive equipment to hack almost any electronic gadget purchased by a google competitor, domain investor . Even a digital watch purchased offline is not spared by the greedy fraud sex maniac ntro employees as they will repeatedly hack it to create problems in a public place .
So for online/offline purchases , it is better to purchase mechanical or chemical items which cannot be easily hacked, at least they will function as specified, and will not be hacked by ntro or other indian government employees for fun or because they are allegedly bribed by google, tata
The government employees are getting a salary,can waste infinite indian tax payer money, a private citizen is wasting the limited time and money they have, when the gadget does not work as specified or promised.
The mechanical, chemical items are good samples for improvement and research.

Improving user interface for Payumoney

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Many online sellers are preferring Payumoney for selling online, because unlike Instamojo, Payumoney does not demand that sellers upload their PAN card copy. Uploading PAN card documents is always risky especially for a person who has been targetted for identity theft.

However the interface for Payumoney is rather confusing for some users, because it contains an option for UPI/API access which most online shoppers do not understand.
They should also clarify whether there is any advantage of using a Payumoney account for making payment to other customers or they should use their credit card or debit card or net banking if there is no additional advantage
Logging into the payumoney account will be an additional step if there is no major advantage for payumoney members, account holders

Many electronic item deals on are app only

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There are many items listed for sale as deals on, however some of the electronic items like pen drives are available as app only when checked on 23 February 2017. As a result some internet users, Amazon users are not able to purchase these items, as they do not have a smartphone or are not comfortable using a smartphone due to widespread hacking of smartphones by the corrupt sex crazed ntro employees .
It appears that compared to laptops and desktops, it is even more easier for NTRO to hack smart phones, especially android based smartphones. the idle under utilized ntro employees have no other work other than wasting the time of harmless indian internet users, especially paypal account holders. For some smart phones, it is difficult to even check the incoming smses on their smartphone, due to ntro hacking. In such cases, the mobile phone user will have no confidence in the smartphone and use other methods for making online purchases.
In other cases, the smartphones like the samsung galaxy grand of some paypal account holders are stolen by ntro, security agency employees for identity theft, to cause financial losses. For example the expensive samsung galaxy grand of a domain investor was allegedly stolen by the goan R&AW employees goan gsb fraud siddhi mandrekar, slim goan obc bhandari sex queen sunaina chodnekar, 2013 bsc, shivalli brahmin cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, indore housewife veena and others

The domain investor does not have much money to waste so she cannot afford to purchase another smart phone costing Rs 21000 or more again, a laptop costing Rs 10000 is far cheaper and can be used for more applications. So though the possibility of online fraud is greatly reduced for app only deals, there are some honest online buyers who also cannot purchase these items, because they are app only.

Snapdeal layoffs expose poor judgement of top officials in the indian internet sector

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In most business sectors, people are usually chosen on the basis of their competence, experience, work ethic , however google, tata and other indian internet companies thought that if a large number of powerful officials falsely claimed that goan sex workers, cheater housewives and other frauds were online experts, repeated these lies for years, these women would automatically become online experts overnight.
However the problems related to the internet sector are directly related to the high levels of corruption, nepotism in the indian internet sector with all important jobs reserved for the girlfriends, relatives and mistresses of top ntro, cbi officials, who get salaries with fake resumes, fake work. These women have never invested any money online and are unlikely to do so in future also as they are least interested and can extort money for free abusing their powers.
So at present, because of the fraud ntro, cbi, tata, google employees, those investing their time and money online are exploited so that mediocre frauds unrelated to the indian internet sector like the goan obc bhandari R&AW employee sex queen sunaina get great powers, a monthly salary which is extremely unfair , and draining the little money in the indian internet sector.
If instead of the goan R&AW employee call girl sunaina and other frauds , the real domain investor was getting at least some of the money she deserved with her own resume, she would spend the money online, purchasing from ecommerce companies like snapdeal. Now all the money is diverted to the google, tata sponsored call girls and frauds who are least interested in spending the money online, draining the money which could have helped the indian internet companies .
For example ntro is falsely claiming that goan gsb slut R&AW employee siddhi, dancing in pubs, discos, is an online expert, to give her a lot of money and powers at the expense of the real domain investor, when actually she does no work online and does not spend money online.

After 6 years, why are top internet sector employees not willing to admit their mistake and stop duping people about the online expertise, investment of their mediocre lazy greedy fraud relatives, girlfriends

Delivery of goods ordered online is a major problem

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One of the reasons why people think twice about ordering items online is because there is no guarantee that they will be delivered as promised. While the larger websites like Flipkart, Amazon usually will deliver, for other websites the online buyer is largely taking a risk making a credit card payment.
For example payment was made to emmindia for subscribing to the Home and Garden magazine in January 2017, till date no copy of the magazine has been delivered till date, The subscriber has also sent repeated emails to the magazine, no one is replying.
The online buyer has to be wait for delivery of the items ordered at home or office, which is very inconvenient for a person with a busy schedule , who may have to go to the bank or go shopping. If the items are delivered by courier, the recipient has to be at home, and unless the courier is making a phone call, the item may not be received.
Amazon has some pickup points, however they are asking for identity proof, not suitable for a business account.

Bird cage supplier required

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Looking for a supplier of bird cages for keeping at least two small birds like zebra finches
Dimensions of the cage should be at least 30 cm X 30 cm X 30 cm
Material : alumnium, stainless steal
Should have a removable plastic tray for feeding and cleaning the cage quickly
Looking for a bird cage costing Rs 700 or less, delivery in Goa
Please send your offer with terms and conditions, detailed specifications, payment terms to

Cheapest aloe vera plant for sale

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Purchase a low maintenance aloe vera plant for your garden or balcony for dropshipping

  • Aloe vera plants are easy to grow
  • Do not require regular watering
  • Ideal plant for home/kitchen garden for those who travel
  • Aloe vera juice and gel has medicinal and cosmetic properties
  • Minimum height of plant above the roots : 175 mm or 7 ” (may be higher in height)
  • Aloe vera plant will be supplied in a plastic bag with some water
  • Roots will be covered when despatched
  • Plant should be placed in a pot with mud to cover the roots while replanting
  • Pot for aloe vera should have proper drainage as accumulated water can damage the roots
  • It will take a few weeks for the plant to get new leaves after being repotted, if watered daily
  • Plant will be sent by speed post or courier within 48 hours of receiving payment
  • Ideal for shielding against high radiation levels

    Cheapest price online in India
    Money back offer less shipping charges of Rs 49 offered to buyers who are not satisfied with the purchase
    Free advice and help for growing the plant offered

    Price: Rs 99 per plant, discount for bulk purchases, dropshipping available

Looking for suppliers of soap making kit

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Looking for suppliers of an inexpensive soap making kit
The kit should have all the ingredients required for making a soap which can be used for washing
The ingredient should be non toxic and non corrosive
Detailed instructions for making the soap should be provided
Heating or baking ideally should not be required.
If possible reusable molds should be provided.
Please send your offer to

Unni the Elephant – Childrens book

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Unni the Elephant
To Read aloud
Author: S.G. Pothan
With illustrations by Mario Miranda
Story of an elephant, how he is captured and trained to work for human beings
Book for children
Pages: 69
Publisher: Subhash Publishers, Bombay
First published in 1980
Dimensions: 17.9 cm X 12 cm

Also listed at To purchase this and other books, send an email to with your requirement.